Making it was fun and tiring, the actual filming and interaction between Ailton and me and the audience that I wanted us to have watch. We got kicked out of a lot of places while working on it. We got kicked out of chaplaincy because it got really late and we were actually thinking of camping there. Then we went to BU library but it was, as I said, late and there was a lady coming to out table every 10 mins so it felt uncomfortable. Then we went to the house that I’m renting a room at and we thought we could use some of the rooms there to film it. The landlord still hadn’t gone to bed and was watching tv. so we were careful not to bother him too much and also it was late so it’s not really polite to make noise unlike one of my housemates. But yeah, we had to be quiet while making it and editing was fine but when we started filming it and had to talk and walk more it got a bit harder. I even suggested to put subtiltes because we were having trouble with our English. Ailton didn’t like it but after a few hours asked me if we really should put them.

We don’t really understand much about cameras so Jordan again came to help, I went to him and asked him if he could give us one. I also wanted a projector because that was my idea, to have a projector and two ipads that would help. But there was no projectors so I had to really quickly re-edit everything to work without having a projector. But since I planned to use the projector for the main video and the ipads just ‘helping’ it I couldn’t really re-edit everything and film it and edit it again.

We did spent a lot of time on actually fixing the visuals and correcting things that we didn’t like that we got even more tired than we already were. It took us some time to upload them to the internet as well, Ailton had trouble uploading them so we had to wait for that too. The problem was that we had to film with us being in it too, for the final piece to be the performance I wanted, and we were more and more tired and dysfunctional the later or actually earlier it got. We actually did film ourselves as well but Ailton said it looked terrible so we didn’t put it in the final thing.

My desktop also looks really scary, it makes me wanna hide, it’s so crowded, I usually keep it clean, Even Ailton said I that.


Anyway, we filmed in the living room of the family’s house I’m staying at because it’s a nice living room with better lighting and I wanted a change from the other room we had been sitting in. So we disturbed Jack’s sleep the same way he disturbed us when we were working in the house and got him off the couch so we could film.

 photo 1481774_10151793942896935_1602471512_n_zps2b916576.jpg That’s Jack

We tried to be quiet so we wouldn’t wake anyone up and not to break anything though I did push over some things.

Ailton found a nice app to record our text with. Even that wasn’t easy because then it was earlier and one of the other cats same to the living room at started meowing at us.

I didn’t actually record everything that I wanted to, I had a few more videos to put, but since it already wasn’t what I actually I wanted to make I decided not to put it.

Then we had to render. Ailton had trouble rendering the first time before we uploaded the videos to the internet and I had problems with the final rendering. My program kept crashing but I don’t want to blame my computer since it had been on for more than 24h, poor thing. But I found a way to render it and then I had to render it again because the first didn’t have audio. And it was already morning, the family who’s house I stay at was up and asking us if we stayed there the whole night, and worked on the project and also it was almost crit time and we would be late. But since we weren’t really done we decide we’re going after lunch.

I’m putting this in ‘Making’ because I don’t consider it as the final piece.


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