We didn’t meet up for this editing because we weren’t sure where we could meet and work properly without people bothering us. We wanted to use chaplaincy but it’s not open on weekends. So we worked separately and just send things to each other so we can edit the different parts. I managed to ‘publish’ the maps that I made  photo gm_flatgrass0013_zpsf492187b.jpg so Ailton can open them and record them. And then he sent rooms to me to edit and choose which scenes I like the most.

Stabilizing a bit what Ailton sent me.

For this room I had to put the text and I decided to put it in the mirror because I thought it looked better than what we first made. The mirror doesn’t really look good though.

We met later because we wanted to use the kinect to make the characters move. Ailton also changed the rooms because he got errors from all the things I put in them. We change things a lot, rooms, project ideas, that’s not good.

Good thing I made the clock without having anything else in the room showing so we can still use it.

Making the hands 3d so they can fit the clock which is turned to the side

And I had to aslo track the clock so the hands would move with it


Anchor points had to be moved to the hole-things in the clock hands so they would turn properly and then I just had to time them right.

And we were discussing what we’re doing

And after effects just had to make it a huge file

And then I had to put text on the mirror but we’re not really using it because we changed the room but I had already made this

it looks really bad on this screenshot

And I cut the video where the mirror is, the nul object that has the tracking and the text which is pick-wiped to it so they are playing just in that little part and not make rendering harder. And there’s the video again without being tracked so under those. And I rendered both this and clock into one video to send to Ailton.

And of course the file was huge, almost 2gb. Then I rendered it again, different format and it got over 2gb. I hadn’t notice that for the other project as well, I had rendered huge files.


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