More ideas about the performance video

I had a few more ideas about using the ipads while making some of my visuals for the project.

I want to talk about yogurt because Bulgarian yogurt is famous around the world and especially in Japan.

It’s also said to be the best in the world so I really have to talk about it, its taste, Bulgarian yogurt, is also unique and you can’t have it like that anywhere else in the world. Not to mention that when I show it to my family and friends, if I haven’t talked about it, they would scold me.

My ideas is, if I’m mentioning that Bulgarian yogurt is really popular especially in Japan, I could have one person standing on one side of the projection holding and ipad and another standing on the other holding the other and there would be a plane appearing in the first ipad then „flying“ from it over a map that would be projected and „landing“ on the other ipad. Or we could have the map of Bulgaria on the first ipad and the map of Japan on the other, a projection of the planet and a plane again „flying“ from the ipad1 which is Bulgaria over the planet and to ipad2 which is Japan.

When talking about Rose oil which Bulgaria is also famous for I have an image that’s the planet with a percentage on it. The percentage shows the amount of Rose oil that Bulgaria makes for the world market. For it I was thinking that it could appear on one corner of the video and when I’m done talking about it I could „kick“ it to get it away and if Ailton is standing on the other side of the projection he could duck or something. But we would have to time that and I don’t think he wants to do something like that. I just think it’s nice and I would also really enjoy „kicking“ it.

Another thing I was thinking is that I could have it appear on one ipad and then just bend the ipad slightly so it can „slide“ away from it when I’m done talking about it. I like the „kicking“ more though.

I have also made some png’s of some of the Cyrillic letters. I thought that when talking about them they could be „taking a walk“ on the map and stop so then when putting the ipad on top of a letter you could see a short video of how you write or something like that.

Though I also realized they probably won’t work with a projector that well. I thought a green-screen would be better but I don’t think we have enough time to try that out now.


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