Mineral Waters of Bulgaria

When it comes to mineral waters, few countries in the world can hold candle to Bulgaria. Next to Japan and Italy, Bulgaria is the country in the world with most mineral springs. The Pirin area is one of the main centres for the more than 800 mineral springs existing in Bulgaria.

I’m thinking of just saying a few of them because they are a lot


There are a few in the capital and a lot of people go to them on weekends. We get water for drinking from a few places.


It’s one of the oldest and largest spa resorts in Bulgaria. Its history dates back to Roman times when its mineral waters were first used for medical purposes.


Kyustendil was known as „the town of baths“ in ancient times.

One of our house is near it.


This one is more south and close to the Greek border. It’s also the most famous spa resort in the southwestern region of the country.


commonly labeled as the spa capital of the Balkans


the town is an access point to some of the Rhodopes’ most popular natural and cultural landmarks like the Trigrad Gorge and Dyavolsko Garlo Cave (Devil’s Throat) are just a couple of kilometres away and Yagodinska Cave is not too far as well.

The caves are really beautiful.


It’s a more-than-two-thousand-year-old town in central Bulgaria with 22 mineral springs and tasty healing water.

The Black Sea Coast

talking about the sea, balneotherapy and spa probably don’t come to mind. The Bulgarian seaside, however, is different. There are quite a few first-class spa centres scattered across the Black Sea Coast where one can combine standard recreational procedures with some untypical ones such as mud-treatment.


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