Making rooms

Kid room

This one is what I made when we were working together and I really don’t like it. Ailton said it’s fine but I really don’t like it

 photo gm_flatgrass0007_zps450832c2.jpg  photo gm_flatgrass0009_zps53d0e226.jpg  photo gm_flatgrass0008_zps052d3cab.jpg  photo gm_flatgrass0010_zpsfea17279.jpg  photo gm_flatgrass0013_zps8d9e031e.jpg  photo gm_flatgrass0014_zpsf50f37f0.jpg
The balloons are nice though
But we changed the rooms a few times
I made it a bit more cleaner and I didn’t want to add more things because it would make it more of a grown-up room than a kid room and our idea was for it to be a kid
 photo gm_flatgrass0009_zpsb161168b.jpg  photo gm_flatgrass0007_zps23a7aef2.jpg  photo gm_flatgrass0006_zps5ab31f09.jpg
Oh,and I made the whole cube again when I was making a new room just because it’s fun welding it when it all flies away

and I made something I hadn’t before

 photo gm_flatgrass0000_zps2849ec4a.jpg  photo gm_flatgrass0005_zps4237c02f.jpg

Females room

 photo gm_flatgrass0012_zps36df18b5.jpg  photo gm_flatgrass0021_zps168c9d20.jpg  photo gm_flatgrass0010_zps8fbac921.jpg
And I liked these windows so I was choosing which to put and a door too
 photo gm_flatgrass0008_zps5e9bce0a.jpg


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