Discussing performance video

We talked about both projects when we met in chaplaincy in uni and I told Ailton how my project for Bulgaria is going and what kind of ideas I have had and also what kind of information I had in my text so far.

I had also another idea for the yogurt from the videos that I found.

We could have both ipads as in the pic and have the yogurt being overflowed from one ipad to the other. As well as wine which I also should mention in the project. I was thinking that we could try something like in that video on the blog, having a box of juice behind the ipad and pouring some of it in a glass like it’s wine. Or having a video of a wine bottle with wine coming out of it and having another video on the other ipad under that with a glass being filled. I have some videos of that but with a vat which would also work.

 photo 1476872_10151775310501935_1059329705_n_zpsd9f79302.jpg

 photo 1474665_10151775310516935_1424978365_n_zpsf7068880.jpg

 photo 1474860_10151775310496935_1798672755_n_zps319c229d.jpg


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