Discussing gmod

We met an discussed what we have on both projects before making the videos and editing eveyrthing.

We changed our idea about the game again.

Ailton had done something on his computer and when we talked about it he liked some things I came up with and then we decided to make it.

I saw a whiteboard and wanted to use it and we abused it with our ideas for the projects. I also cleaned it from the permanent marker that was used on it and that we also used.

 photo 1454450_10151775320401935_1514309735_n_zps7759b826.jpg

We have a family as the characters of the game and each person has a room that they are in. I asked if we should make a room for each, they get separated and have to find the others. Ailton liked it and we started thinking what to make the characters do in the room.

 photo 1477873_10151775320396935_814743392_n_zps26726139.jpg
It can get bigger

We decided that we can use the frozen objects that he made in one room. And as a challenge the player has to put them in the right place.

I thought we could make it like a time puzzle. I like puzzles. I was thinking of having an image of how the room should be with the objects for a few seconds and then the player has to place them.

Or what Ailton said, there could be lines a bit darker where the items are and they player has to place them.

Also, I thought that if it was all the same for all the rooms it would be a bit boring so I suggested that we make each room different. And we had more things to come up with.

 photo 1454523_10151775320391935_6016639_n_zps6c114a60.jpg

For the first room, we’re using what Ailton made. We’re using blocks and changing their material to show where the objects should be. While we were making them and working on the rooms, Ailton also changed the material of the objects that have to be placed around and added a few lamps and it became really pretty with the shadows and colourful lights. The objects would plain colour when they’re not in their right place but would be normal when the player gets them where they are. That’s just for this room.

The next room we decided should be the ‘kid’s room’ and we should make it more childish. I thought of those games kids play when they are little

I have some fruit in gmod from all the things I downloaded and I suggested we could use those. But since I wanted them to be different things in the rooms we had to change it a bit. Ailton suggested we do something like these games

We decided to use the fruit I mentioned.

 photo 1422716_10151775310511935_630585300_n_zpsf0a92e35.jpg

For the third room it has to be the woman’s. I didn’t want to make it the „mom’s room“ really. I wanted it to be more feminine not something that much related to being just a „mom“.

 photo 1472335_10151775310506935_1753414815_n_zps7ba2527f.jpg

That’s why I put the name like that. And I suggested to make this room with a question and relate that question to the previous rooms. We came up with something really simple for the questions but still kind of relates to our idea of it being a family orientated game.


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