Copyrights on videos

I went searching for videos that I could use for my project and also to see what people talk about in them. To see what they thought were important things to mention, like monuments in cities or natural attractions or traditions and things like that.

I found some nice videos and I tried to contact the people who made them to ask if I could use them

One was a Bulgarian who works for a tv channel at home but I couldn’t really find a way to contact him. I found him on facebook and asked there but later my mom told me he was in a reality show at home so I know why I didn’t get a reply.

It has some nice shots in it but the quality of it is really bad.

Then I found this one where it said it’s a This is Bulgaria – Ernst Sasse movie so I searched for it.

I found a german site that I didn’t understand anything of since it’s not one of the languages I have studied. I wrote to them anyway and I actually got a reply.

So this is actually the whole thing about Bulgaria

I answered them and got another email

I thanked and waited. I wasn’t sure if I would get a reply but they did.

So they were really fast in replying.


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