Documentaries about Bulgaria

BULGARIA – The Code Of Eternity

This is a commercial video about Bulgaria by a Bulgarian director and some of our Ministries.


Jane Wilson with Sallie McArdle and Jo Mooney explore Bulgaria. It’s starts with Sofia, the capital and my hometown. Then they go to Plovdiv and after that the seaside.

Nature Parks in Bulgaria

it has sub in several languages

Bulgaria’s Treasures, it’s in englsih


I’ve been to almost all in this video  thanks to my parents

Bulgarian Cuisine and Drinks

Destination HD Bulgaria

This one has a lot more about the history. Starts with the old capital and goes around the country concentrating on the history, nature and culture.

This is Bulgaria

It’s in german and it’s mainly about the nature.

Acompáñame: Bulgaria

This is in Spanish and I didn’t really understand everything because I’m not used to the Spanish accent but it first shows some of the things Bulgaria is famous for in the world. Then it’s about the culture and architecture with a bit of history, then about the nature. The a Bulgarian, who is from one of my best friend’s home town, talks a bit about the country, after that they show and talk about the folklore and then about other things Bulgaria is famous for and some facts.


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