Bulgaria project

I think I wanted to make a project about Bulgaria even last year but I was trying other things out. Because I wasn’t sure we could make the project that involved using openframeworks or processing with the Kinect, just before the mid-crit I thought we could make a performance introducing our countries to the viewers. I kept telling Ailton that the project with the Kinect would probably be easy even though we have to do coding and he doesn’t like it and I’m still not really that good friends with it, I thought we should work together again on this one. This video that’s on the blog we could use as an example.


But for me, when I watch something about a country I enjoy the most the sight that you can see, like cultural and architectural monuments. I also enjoy history a lot so I’m making my project more about the culture and history than the resorts that Bulgaria has. Also I’m really annoyed that people just like going to resorts and most people know a lot about the sea and mountain resorts in Bulgaria but they don’t really know anything else.

There was a documentary recently about Bulgaria made by a British journalist about the sea resorts and most importantly the most famous one for tourist in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach. It was about alcohol being cheaper and how British teenagers go and get really drunk. And I didn’t like that so I wanted to make something cultural.

Also add things Bulgaria is famous for worldwide.

Even though I really like history I won’t really put much about that in the project, I can’t really get into too much detail and I have to actually do that if I’m writing about history. I blame my love for history for having that kind of an approach and also my really great teacher that made the subject even more interesting.

I’m planning to mention my home town and capital Sofia because I can’t just not mention it and it’s good that it’s the capital. Also the two other biggest cities after that and what they are famous for, one thing they are famous for, I’ll have to choose. I can’t really talk much about them because that would get really long but choosing only one will be hard, I don’t want it to seem like I’m picking one over the others and making it look more interesting. My ex-classmates would probably argue with me a lot on choosing what to talk about. But I’m probably going by with the most famous monuments or my personal choice, I might also ask friends and family for their opinion as well.

I’m not sure if I should start with the cities or with facts, probably cities but then it seems like it’s jumping a bit when from talking about the cities I’ll talk about different things and facts. I’m not even really sure how it would look if I talk about the biggest cities which would involve a bit of geography and history and then some facts that might have nothing to do with it.

In my opinion, it would be easier to make this if it was a larger project and it would have more parts to it so I could separate the information I want to and choosing what to talk about would be easier because I would have where to mention the information that I decide that I want put in this one but I feel like it’s still important and I don’t want to cut out.


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