Performance idea

I’ll try to explain what my ideas is the best  I can, because I can be difficult with explanations sometimes even in Bulgarian.

My idea is to have for example the maps of our countries projected and while we talk and explain use the ipads to make things „appear“ on top of the maps.

If it’s about a city we move the ipad and hold it over the location of the city and the name of it appears on the screen, maybe a short video or just pictures as well and then it might expand to the whole area that’s projected. We also have if it’s two people holding ipads have images and videos appearing on both.

My idea for the text and what I’m going to say about Bulgaria is to concentrate mainly on the culture and traditions but I know that there should be also something like a little introduction about the country as well. I’d like to also mention some interesting facts about it too, what’s it’s famous for.

I would also like to talk a bit about the history because that’s important too and also really love history. The nature is also something I want to mention. And when I’m talking about these things I could use the ipads to show them on the map.

This is an example of talking about a city. Pictures or videos of it appear while the explanations about it are going. The one on this image is Plovdiv and I’m sure that I’m going to mention the ancient theatre that’s in it, so while the ipad is over it and I’m talking about it, pictures of it will appear. Also I might use Google Earth and maps and record them zooming on the cities and their locations, as a beginning of the talk about them.

I think that it would also be nice when I change the city and start talking about another one to have a car maybe appear on the ipad and „drive“ to the next location I’m talking about.


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