Gmod cube

Welding a simple cube can be a bit difficult. You weld two walls together and when you put the third the whole thing goes flying away and disappears. Smartsnapper tools has an error so there’s no grid that can help weld things easier. Sometimes the walls are just a square off.

I tried welding the walls together but also welding them to the floor and that helped in it not flying away when you weld more things to it.

Ailton not welding them to the ground

I got a working tool, not sure if it’s smartsnapper that works and welding is easier with it.

Material and colour
Changing the material makes lamps not work properly so it’s better to change the colour of the objects, for our project.

Otherwise the lamps don’t do anything really, they only work on the player and colour their hands.

Some materials though are really nice, they can be a bit transparennt with some details on them or with nothing and you don’t really know where the walls of the cubes are.

I have a lot for materials

Putting a door also didn’t really work properly when I tried to make it.  You use a different tool to make the door open and you also weld the walls to each other but when I tried to open it the whole box opened.  It kind of worked but I guess the welding didn’t work properly.

These are fun to use with other things. We wanted to try and make them open a door. They can be used with dynamite to make it explode and also to make things like elevators.


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