Idea change

Since I’m really worried if we’ll be able to make something for the deadline of this unit with the other idea that I had, with the Kinect and openframeworks or processing, I had another idea just before the mid crit. Ailton said he liked it and wouldn’t really mind to make something like that so we decided to try it. It sure looked easier than the other one. It just bad that we changed it so late and we don’t have that much time to prepare and work for it, we have to work faster to make it. And if we’re going with my idea because it has to be a performance, we’ll also have to practice it so we’ll have to do our best. We’ll have to start by choosing what we’re going to talk about really and making the visuals before we make the actual ‘performance’ and film it. We can also either edit it first, depending how we make it or just play it out in front of some of our friends because in the brief it say we should see how people react to it. We spent a lot of time in chaplaincy and we even work sometimes in the rooms there so we might show our final piece to the people there and ask them for comments as well, if they liked it, if they would want to visit our countries.


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