Gmod music video

When our game idea wasn’t working that well and we didn’t have that much time until the deadline, we were talking about how many fails we had in both projects and an idea came to me. We were talking and suddenly talked about a kpop song that we both know and I had an idea. Because we were making up lyrics I thought we could make some up for the whole process of our work on the project and everything and control ragdolls with the kinect. Phill said we could do a scene from a film but I liked the song thing better. We had some lyrics done while waiting for the bus.

I thought of welding a stage together to put the ragdolls and decorating it with the tools I learned to use. Also adding some lamps to make it more colourful and some balloons. Balloons can make some objects fly. The anime ragdolls that I downloaded were moving fine so we could use them and adding some material to them could make them look a bit different.

But then Chris said our idea about the game was better and we decided to continue with that.


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