I used both AE and SV.

AE makes some things easier but it seems SV doesn’t take that long to render files. I also have some plug ins for SV that I like to use.

some effects from SV
 photo making5_zpsa55c9678.jpg

curves and levels
 photo making6_zps989f080e.jpg

 photo making8_zpsddcd7386.jpg

tracking, null object
 photo maaking10_zpscaa14434.jpg

 photo making2_zps439b3438.png

Autotracing and masking
 photo making_zpse1a90253.png

Generate scribble and stroke
 photo making1_zps368fb4fd.png

 photo making_zps38dededc.png

didn’t know you could flip the image like that

 photo making1_zps8cf9e16c.png

I had forgotten that you make the key frames linear again like this
 photo making_zps4bdd7154.png

precomposing, a lot of layers made it slow
 photo making1_zps26abb8b3.png

 photo making2_zpse7baf562.png

half a second, seriously. My computer couldn’t render everything in AE, my laptop has more power but it doesn’t have AE.
 photo making1_zpsa64c859b.png
 photo making2_zps2349d894.png
 photo making_zpsfd622a6d.png


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