Penguin idea

I really like one of my favourite mangakas’s styles and I was looking at her older works and found one drawing with one of her lead characters eating ice cream and too penguins next to her. So I came up with the idea of having penguins as my characters, eating ice cream. I did some research on penguins. My idea was that a little penguin would trip and drop its ice cream and it would be sad and then a bigger penguin would go to it and give it another ice cream.

I made an ice cream stand and from the research I did, I saw a picture of the ancient penguin and made it the vendor. My ancient penguin though looks more like it’s a distant relative of the one from the picture I found. I read that so I wanted it to be the one dropping its ice cream and a regular penguin which is bigger to be the one giving the other ice cream.

I made a penguin in illustrator but then when I tried to make it move, I had some trouble.

Penguin character


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