I actually came up with only one thing as an idea but then I found something similar on the app store. 😮 I was really happy about that idea even my landlord liked it and my friend like it. There are probably more like the one I found but I didn’t really want to look for more since I already found one. It’s really hard to use though as I thought when I was thinking about it. I should’ve checked. 😀

Anyway, it was for learning to play the piano. My friend tried to teach me in summer but we ended up doing a million other things, not that we didn’t try, it was hilarious. I had the idea because my friend sometimes plays me something while we’re in convos and makes me search for stuff for her to play. The problem is that she can’t play them without notes and if she’s trying she always asks me because somehow I can always when she’s playing it correctly or she’s got the tones wrong. She’s also having problems learning both hands so I though an app that teaches you how to play both hands separetely would be useful. But there are a few problems that came up with the idea.

It can’t be on a phone since the screen is too small
even if I use an ipad, it still can’t fit that many keys
it can fit more keys if I make them smaller but then they’ll be hard to press

The app that I found is hard to use because you have to slide the keyboard while trying to play and it also doesn’t have both hands tutorials.

I wanted to use falling notes like in these games which I played a bit too much, I guess

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

They have these cards that you collect if you do well but my idea was for this to actually help people learn to play the piano so I think there’s no need of ‘prises’ like that.

That’s the app I found and looked at that uses falling notes but it’s really hard to use and you have to scroll through the keyboard and that’s not what I want, it also doesn’t have the both hands version which made it even weirder for me when I tried it.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


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