We found a place to use, a cafe as we wanted – The Conto Lounge. Really nice place and they let us work there right away. The only thing is that Ailton is not good with maps, we walked for about an hour to get to the cafe because he said we should meet at Asda since it was minutes away, I’ll be sure to check locations now, not to mention that I had to wait for him for an hour.

I hope the guys upload the pictures we took while working because we took a lot and we also have a lot of funny scenes. 😀 But we used the others’ phones so I don’t have any in me. Paulina texted me she posted some pictures and I asked if I could use them. 🙂 I was thinking we could add Elliott in our group for the project on fb but he hasn’t accepted any of our invites. 😀

It was tiring to film all day and at the end we still had some ideas but we were tired and cold. As I expected, we didn’t plan what exactly we were going to film outside of the cafe but we came up with things while walking. Some of us also had ideas so did those as well. We have stuff we decided not to put in video.


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