As much as I wanted to do the colour editing, Ailton had the files so he did that but I had to do the masking. We have some scenes we didn’t put in because we already had a video that looked good with them but I had a lot of work on a certain scene. 😀 Those were hours of working on a door. 😀 I had some trouble with the masking since different people were walking and also some cars changed but the biggest problems was that the door that we used doesn’t completely shut in one scene and with the masking it quite visible , especially when you’ve worked hours on it and when you play you look only at that place. I was rendering it when I had decided that I can’t fix it since we had it closing but it was at a different angle when I saw that in the scene with me it was closed. I think I’ve rarely been happy at a door closing. 😀 It’s still not that good and if you look closely, you can see it but I think it’s after I tell you about it. I don’t think you can see the first time. You didn’t see it, right? 😛

MaskingBasicly the blue box is all I took from the scene with Ailton because one of the cars had changed and people were just popping in. 😀 Originally I wanted to just split it because it’s easier but it turned out it won’t work that way. 😀 I duplicated and masked the scene with myself and also slowed it down a bit to use for him entering and I fethered it out to look better. As I said the only problem was that the first scene we didn’t have the door completely closing, so it looked like a flash even though it was just a tinny bit not closed. 😮 I just duplicated the second video, masked it, fethered it again and put it on top. I also used a little transtition since somehow we manged to move just bit between filming both things and staring at this scene for 3 hours makes me see everything. 😀 I’m glad Elliott said he didn’t see it or if you were just being nice, thank you. 🙂 If you look at it now, I wouldn’t mind if you teach how to make it look better because there should be some way. 🙂

For the editing I was also supposed to mask the tree scene but we had too much stuff to put in and we ended up not using all of it. It already looked good to us without the tree scene so we didn’t use it.


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