Another timetable and some ideas

Ailton and I, put things together and came up with an idea that’s actually quite similar to watch I suggested but I’m not gonna talk about if people actually read all ideas like we were supposed to, though it is a bit annoying because I did propose this and we could’ve done the filming already.

Anyway, we talked to some people from our group about this idea, then we posted in the fb group we have and we want to film everything on tuesday since it’s a day we have classes on and people have to come, we have two people in our group who are not in Bournemouth.

So filming should be on tuesday and then I think Ailton and I will do editing since we both want to do it and I showed him some nice playing with colours and told him that I also already did some in the winter holidays and since Elliott did show us how to play with colours, I really think we should. That’s why I suggested we both do some editing and then the group will decide what we like more.

filming – tuesday


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