More on sustainabiity

I found this by art historian and curator couple: Maja-Reuben Fowkes that mentioned a few artists who addressed sustainability and environmental concerns in contemporary art more

Swiss artist Ursula Biemann made a ten part video concerning the pipeline that connects the oilfields to the global market. If I’m not mistaken Bulgaria is making a project of building

Through interviews with the Azeri and Georgian farmers who live along its route, the artist reflects on the urban and rural transformations brought by the oil industry to the region and the connection between local development and trends in the global economy.

One of the leading pioneers of the eco-art movement the Harrisons are working on ideas to support biodiversity and community development. They started their project Endangered Meadows of Europe, 1994. Their project shows how we allow environments disappear. They ‘transplanted’ a 400 year-old meadow which was going to be destroyed to the roof garden of a museum in Germany.

Another artist is Janek Simon who concentrates on the fact that we’ve lost the ability to make things on our own and depend mainly on buying finished products, which we throw away to buy something new that we’ll throw away as well.

Eco Friendly Car Graffiti
Britain-based artists Moose Curtis and Marc Cameron used eco-friendly green car stencils and a power washer on dirty city walls in Munich, Germany to leave behind an eco-art message.


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