AR thingy goes to AE

Chris recommended to do some blogging so here I am. 🙂

We get to work in AE today. Time to remember how the program works. 😀

I had to break down my images a bit more from what I did last time since when I opened AE and started playing with it, I didn’t like how certain stuff turned out. But shortcuts in AE is something I really need to learn since I pressed something and everything I had done disappeared. o_O Good thing it wasn’t that much but still.

Anyway, I decided to make all the text in AE since it was annoying to save it from PS and then put it in AE, plus there’s a text layer so I’m gonna use it.

I should have made something else on my laptop though, the food tolerance thing doesn’t seem that interesting to me. Blogging is getting me sleepy and I want to eat my lunch.

I think I’m done with these and they also got a little boring 😀

They take rather long to upload on PB, they’re over 100mb each 😀

The chicken one had to be rendered 5 times and I didn’t eat my lunch O_O

Onion AR Chicken AR

This could be helpful because… well if this could somehow be used to test people for allergies instead of what they do now, pocking your arm and testing or whatever they do, it would be nice. I really wanted to check if I’m allergic to something but I don’t really want to get my arms pocked with needles. @o@


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