Augment – to make something better by adding things to it

Augmented reality – a view of a physical object or environment with is augmented (made better) using computer-generated sensory which could be sound, images, text or other.

I’m not sure if that would help me not getting lost really

After mindlessly researching the images on google and thinking of something that would be useful to humans, we came up with several ideas all concentrated on medicine.

My family and I had a food allergy type of test back home. It consists of a kind of a computer that you had to be ‘wired’ to and a type of pen that’s connected to the computer with which the examiner tests your food tolerance. The pen has to touch a certain point on your finger and sounds determine your food tolerance. Viles of different food essence are put in the computer box thing and the pen reacts to them after touching your finger.

My idea is to do that with only putting your finger on the screen and the finger print does all the work. You put your finger on an image of different foods and your tolerance appears.

Other things we came up also had finger scanning in them. Like one that would get your blood pressure instead of having to have your arm squeezed, also showing your blood type.

One could really help with x-rays. It would be easier for the patient if they don’t have to make them move that much.

Another one was pointing the device towards food product in shops and showing diagrams of what consists them, fat and things like that.

Food tolerance analyser


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