Another narrative project

Another project about narratives. We sure have to concentrate on them a lot 😀 I was in a group with my adoptive ‘parents’. The project is already posted so I’m going to post about what other things we did and how we got to make that project.

We decided to go to the beach and take ideas from there, we were going to do a normal british day project
Here’s the beach with the old couple


then here’s the ice cream



no for me, not okay yet 😦

we were going to do fish and chips as well but it wasn’t open 😮
there were some other pictures but I deleted them 😀

then we went looking for something in the shops and ended up at the toys
actually on the way we got seriously distracted by (dramatic pause) squirrels, I the most 😀



we wanted to make a voice over with them speaking in different languages

to put the mop as well, I mean the dog



more at

my legs were killing me, a lot of walking, getting off on the wrong bus stop, more walking, just a biscuit for breakfast and no lunch
but it was fun 🙂


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